Hire foreign workers

How to offer a full-time job to support a skilled worker’s immigration to Canada, hire a foreign worker or offer a paid internship to a permanent resident or new citizen of Canada.

Permanent workers

How to hire a foreign worker permanently and programs for skilled workers and skilled trades.

Temporary workers

How to hire a foreign worker temporarily, Labour Market Impact Assessments and processing times

Newcomer interns

How departments, agencies and private sector employers can hire newcomers

Francophone workers

How to send job offers to a visa office, take part in job fairs and offer jobs to Express Entry candidates

International students

Hiring a student while they study, post-graduation work permits, processing times and how students can become permanent residents

Live-in caregivers

How to apply, forms, fees and what to do if you change, quit or lose your job 

Express Entry: Employers in Canada

Express Entry provides a faster way for skilled workers to settle in Canada.

Questions about hiring a foreign worker?

Questions about hiring a foreign worker?

Credential assessment in Canada

Learn how to have your existing credentials assessed in Canada.

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