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Finding a job in Canada can take time and may be different from finding a job in your home country. The fact that you have been accepted to come to Canada does not guarantee you employment in your preferred profession or any other profession.

New immigrants can face some significant challenges when trying to get a job in Canada.

Your credentials may not be recognized

Education and work experience that you obtained in another country may not be equivalent to the standards established for Canadian professions and trades. Knowing how your credentials compare with those of someone trained in Canada for a similar job and the steps you need to take to qualify to work in Canada will help you better prepare to come to Canada and find a job.

Find out more about how to get your credentials assessed.

Your language skills may not be sufficient

Even if you have the language skills in English or French needed to immigrate to Canada, those skills may not be strong enough to work in your preferred profession.

Most professions and trades require you to be fluent in English or French and to have a strong knowledge of all work-related language.

Find out how you can improve your English or French language skills for work.

You might need Canadian work experience

Canadian employers often do not know how to assess education and work experience from other countries. They might prefer you to have experience working in Canada. Getting that experience is one of the biggest challenges for newcomers.

Get help finding a job.

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