After hiring a temporary worker

After you have gone through the hiring process and the foreign worker’s application for a work permit is being processed, there are things you must know.

When your worker arrives in Canada

The worker will receive an authorization letter when their work permit has been approved. The actual work permit is issued to them when they arrive in Canada. The worker must show the authorization letter to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer at the point of entry in Canada.

The authorization letter does not guarantee that the worker will be allowed into Canada. The CBSA officer may refuse to issue a work permit and may refuse to allow the worker to enter Canada on criminal, security, medical or other grounds.

Your responsibilities

You must:

  • arrange for your employee’s Worker’s Compensation benefits and medical coverage when the worker arrives in Canada (please refer to your relevant provincial or territorial authority)
  • make sure that your workers have the necessary permits. Foreign workers are given Social Insurance Numbers that begin with a nine (9). This is not proof that the worker has a valid work permit.
  • make sure that anyone working for you follows the conditions and time limits outlined on their work permit. You are legally responsible for ensuring that these conditions are met, so make sure you are familiar with them.

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