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How do I request accommodations for the online citizenship test?

Contact the email address in the Accommodation section of your test invitation. Your email must include

Here are some examples of the types of accommodations you can ask for:
Accommodation type Details or examples
If you cannot take the test online

This can be because you

  • have a weak or unreliable Internet connection
  • have no access to an electronic device or webcam
  • cannot use the supported browsers for the test (Chrome and Safari)
Face covering

Your face must be fully visible through your webcam during the online test.

You can ask us for an accommodation if you cannot remove your face covering.

Special or accessibility needs

If you need

  • braille format
  • large-print test format
  • sign-language interpretation
  • an oral version of the test
  • more time to take the test due to a disability or medical condition
Waiver request

You cannot take the citizenship test due to the following disabilities or conditions:

  • medical or physical
  • psychological
  • cognitive

When you contact us, include a supporting document from a Canadian medical practitioner.

The supporting document must

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