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What happens if I fail the written citizenship test?

Due to COVID-19, we cancelled

  • all in-person citizenship tests
    • We’re now inviting some applicants to take the citizenship test online.
    • If you can’t or don’t want to do the online test, you may wait until in-person tests resume (date to be determined).
  • most retests, interviews and hearings (including videoconference hearings)
    • Wait for us to contact you.
    • If you need to change your appointment, contact the office that sent the invitation.
      • The contact information is in the letter we sent.

If you do not pass the second test, we’ll send you a notice telling you to appear for a hearing with a citizenship officer.

During this hearing, the citizenship officer may assess if you meet all the requirements for citizenship. During an oral interview, the citizenship officer may

If you’re asked to attend an interview, but applied for citizenship with your family by sending your applications in the same envelope, your application will be processed separately from your family’s unless you want them to be processed together.

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