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Can I replace my citizenship certificate or card if there’s a mistake on it?

It depends on how long it’s been since you received your certificate and if we made the mistake.

If it’s been less than 90 days and we made the mistake

We’ll replace your certificate for free. To ask for a replacement, send us:

  • the citizenship certificate with the mistake
  • a note explaining what needs to be fixed

If your request is urgent

  • write “Urgent” in large, dark letters on the envelope
  • include an explanation of why your request is urgent
  • include documents to support your explanation

Where to mail your request

In Canada or the United States

Regular mail
Request for replacement certificate
P.O. Box 10000
Sydney, NS
B1P 7C1

Request for replacement certificate
49 Dorchester Street
Sydney, NS
B1P 5Z2

Outside Canada and the United States

Submit your request to the Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate

  • where you submitted your paper application, or
  • that you chose to send your certificate in the online application

If we review your application and determine we did not make the mistake, we’ll

  • return your documents to you
  • explain why we didn’t approve your request

If you still want to replace your citizenship certificate, you can submit an application for a citizenship certificate on paper and pay the fee.

If it’s been more than 90 days or we did not make the mistake

You need to resubmit an application for a citizenship certificate on paper.

We’ve stopped issuing citizenship cards and their commemorative certificates. If you apply to update or replace your card, we’ll send you a citizenship certificate.

To replace your card or certificate

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