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What are the language requirements for provincial nominees?

If you apply to the Provincial Nominee Program, the province or territory might require that you take a third-party language test in English or French before they will nominate you.

This test will show if your language skills meet a minimum standard in each of these 4 categories:

  • listening
  • speaking
  • reading
  • writing.

Non-Express Entry process

Check the website of the province or territory you want to nominate you to determine their language requirements.

Express Entry process

To be eligible for any of the 3 programs under Express Entry, you must prove your language ability. To do this, you must

You must be prepared to submit a copy of your valid language test results when you apply for permanent residence. If we request a copy of your test results and you don’t submit them, we’ll

  • consider your application incomplete
  • send it back to you

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