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What are electronic credentials?

Electronic credentials are what you use to securely sign in to online accounts. They usually include a password and:

What services do I need Sign-In Partner or GCKey for?

You need to use Sign-In Partner or GCKey to access :

What do you mean by authentication?

It is a secure means to recognize a user when accessing government services online. The user remains anonymous, and the authentication process just confirms that the credential is valid and is in the hands of the owner of the credential. Credential authentication does not reveal or confirm identity to the government website. It receives only a message confirming that your credential (username/password) was successfully validated by your bank or by the government.

I had to switch my electronic log-in credentials not that long ago. Why are you changing it again?

The Government of Canada has been using a phased approach to authentication services. Access Key was an interim step while the Government of Canada was putting in place new, cost-effective solutions which would provide improved user choice and convenience, securely.

Can I still use my Access Key?

No. As of November 3, 2012, you will need to use either GCKey or Sign-In Partner (Interac® sign-in service) to access IRCC online services.

Who can I contact if I have questions about GCKey or Sign-In Partner?

For questions about GCKey, please call 1-855-438-1102. The GCKey help desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More information is available on the GCKey website.

For questions about Sign-In Partner (Interac® sign-in service), find out how to get help.

What is GCKey?

A GCKey lets you securely access the Government of Canada’s online services.

It includes a username and password that you choose. You also must create security questions. This keeps your data secure and lets you recover your account.

Why has the Government of Canada introduced GCKey?

The GCKey service was introduced as 1 of 2 options to replace the Access Key service. GCKey is a service managed by the Government of Canada that uses electronic credentials (usernames and passwords) so you can access federal government services online. The GCKey service can be used for those who do not have online banking credentials or choose not to use them with Sign-In Partner (Interac® sign-in service).

How do I get a GCKey credential?

To register for a GCKey, go to the sign in page and click the “Continue to GCKey” button.

Then, choose a user name and a password. It’ll ask you to create security questions. Keep a copy of this in a safe place in case you forget.

Who has access to the information I submit when I register for a GCKey?

The GCKey service does not share your registration information with any third party. The information you provide is held by the Government of Canada and is protected under the Federal Privacy Act.

What do I do if I lost my GCKey username or password?

If you lost your GCKey password, you can create a new one.

If you lost your GCKey username, you can recover it.

If you lost your email, you have to create a new GCKey. If you create a new GCKey, you can access an application by linking the application to your new account.

See also: I recently reset my account, but I don’t see my application. How can I get it back?

How do I change my GCKey password?

You can change your password after you sign in using GCKey. To change your password, you need to enter your current password and then create and confirm a new password.

Your password must:

You can also change your password if you forgot it.

What are the rules for creating a username or password?

Your username must:

Your password must:

What if I no longer want to use my GCKey?

If you no longer want to use your GCKey, you can revoke it:

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Choose the “Revoke your GCKey” button in the options menu
  3. Enter your current password to confirm that you want to revoke your GCKey

Remember: When you revoke your GCKey, you will not be able to use it for any Government of Canada service.

Why did the action button in my GCKey account disappear?

The action button will disappear

The button disappears to prevent you from paying for the same application more than once, but it should reappear after 48 hours.

If your action button has been gone for more than 48 hours, please submit a webform, selecting “Technical difficulties” in the first drop-down menu.

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